How Does Liberty Square Works?

You start by contacting us(Libertysquare) via contact form and placing your orders regarding the document you want us to produce for you.make sure to contact us via contact form, as soon as you contact us either via email, Skype or whatsapp we shall respond to you immediately, contact us and tell us the document/documents you need if you want a database registered document or unregistered document,as soon as we get in contact with you we shall give you the best proposals that would best help the situation you want the documents for, we shall then tell you the price of your documents and all information which we would be needing from you to produce your documents and from there we shall proceed okay.

Why Should you Trust Liberty Square?

We have recorded 100% success in more than 18 years of work. we have clients all over the world and have changed so many peoples life’s, try us and give your own testimony. We receive a minimum of 20 to 30 orders every day from clients worldwide and they always recommend our services to others once they receive their documents. So be rest assured you’re at the right place at the right time ok.
Can I Legally Use any documents gotten from Liberty square?

With all confidence and 100% success, we work for hand in glove with the authorities to ensure database registration for all valid documents. and we register all the client’s information into the supposed database system and the government will recognize the document. So all our Real documents are genuine valid database registered and bypass all checkpoints.
How can you be sure to get Real Documents from Liberty square

When mailing your document to you, we shall also parcel a Verification Diskette, Telepoint Code and Database Link which you shall use in verifying the authenticity of your document. With the verification diskette, you shall be able to see your full registered information in the supposed database system. Seeing your information in the system means that your document is a real document and so you shall legally use the document.payslips utilities responsibility customers educational.

Who is Liberty Square?

LibertySquareDoisare the independent group of specialized IT professionals and data base technicians based on the Internet and we are specialized in the production of Both Real and Duplicate document. With years of experience and reliability, our staffs and couriers are able to guide you patiently through a passport application process to ensure that this experience for you will be fast and easy!
What if liberty square produces a document for you and it expires

Once we have produced you a Real document and have it registered into the database it becomes valid automatically, So when your document expires, you have every rights to go to the authorities of any Country where ever you are for them to Renew your document and everything will be done without any problems. Once they check the system and see that your information is validly registered, they will renew your document without any problems

How does Liberty Square guarantee my safety?

At libertysquaredocs, we are here to liberate you and give you freedom all our customer’s details are kept strictly confidential and never shared with a third be confident and rest assured of your 100% guarantee
I have a Real Passport, but I want a Fake passport from you guys with a Different information whatever

ver document you want us to produce for you, whether Real or Fake, all we need from you is the information that you decide to give us. Be it your Real information or Not, we shall use them to produce your document. So any information you provide us with is the same information you shall find in your document.

My passport has been seized and i want a new one. Can Liberty Square erase my previous information and produce me a new one with same info?

For us to produce you a new Passport, we shall trace your previous information in the system using your previous Passport number and erase all the previous information and then register your new information for the new passport. So the other passport with the Police will have no use and it will just be a fake document with them because with the passport, they will never trace you or trace any of your information in the system.