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Buy Diplomatic Passports

This is what makes us(Liberty Square) very unique because we issue valid diplomatic passports, diplomatic passports are now available. There is this myth about having a diplomatic passport and there is also a plenty of misinformation about diplomacy, diplomatic immunity and diplomatic passports. According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations diplomatic immunity is related to the diplomatic post. Therefore the international community and the regulations of the UN-Convention assure diplomatic immunity irrespective of a diplomatic passport.

The states have agreed according to the convention to recognize the status of diplomatic agents.

We often act on behalf of governments in order to find and recommend highly qualified individuals who could represent the nation’s interests as the member of the diplomatic corps, as Honorary Consul or as representative to specialized agencies of the United Nations. The states are seeking representatives with the power, the will, and the moral impetus to promote the nation’s interests in accordance with its own values.

The client shall introduce a modern approach to international relations, motivated by the national interests as its ultimate purpose. Our goal is to support the achievement of foreign policy goals and objectives of several governments through our small network, advance national interests, and enhance diplomatic relations by seeking diplomatic representatives and by strengthening the relationship between the government’s officials and the diplomatic representatives.

The same shall apply in the case of any members of his family enjoying privileges or immunities who are accompanying the diplomatic agent or traveling separately to join him or to return to their country. A diplomatic passport is therefore issued for the purpose of international travel in order to certify the identity of its holder. Although most diplomats with diplomatic immunity carry diplomatic passports,.

The 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations outlines the rules of diplomatic law. The Convention codifies the rules for the exchange and treatment of envoys between states, which have been firmly established in customary law for hundreds of years. It has become an almost universally adopted Convention with 179 states party to it.

We are have assisted hundreds of customers in the past years obtain legal residency, citizenship and diplomatic passports in more than 25 countries.

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All passports are registered in the official government database. Driver’s License include microprinting, holograms, UV infrared ink, and watermarks. UK Driver’s License is registered into the DVLA (Drivers Vehicle Licensing Agency)US Driver’s License is registered into the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)

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